Jericho Falling

On the Edge of Oblivion
Walk the razor's edge or face inevitable death.


Ave Avalos, Pt. II
Billy goat's gruff....


Ave Avalos
Out of the frying pan, into the fire...

This is a synopsis of a published demo Deathwatch adventure, if you are a player and your GM is planning to run the Final Sanction and Oblivion’s Edge demo missions, avoid reading this until you’ve completed those adventures
You have been warned.

Final Sanction

Brother Marcus
Brother Leonatus
Brother Nebuchadnezzar
Brother Elyas
Brother Two-Face

The newly minted Kill-Team is dispatched sans name to assist Inquistitor Kalistradi purge a genestealer infestation on the planet Avalos’ capital city, Lordsholm.

After a few weeks of transit aboard the Imperial Navy Frigate Valiant, they arrive at Avalos and find that things are far worse than the Inquistitor’s communique had mentioned. The Valiant’s captain charges in fast, performing a full burn from the warp point. Forty-seven minutes later, they are roaring into orbit, and being set upon by Kraken bioships from Hive Fleet Dagon. Wracked from bow to stern by incoming fire, and thus robbed of the ability to make the final, last minute corrections to its trajectory by the damage to its power and propulsions systems, the Valiant is destined to a fiery plunge into the oblivion of Avalos’ atmosphere.

Faced with certain death aboard ship, the Kill-Team makes for the launch bays and evacuates the ship in their drop pod. Battered by debris from their own ship during the egress, the drop pod is severely damaged. The landing is graceless and final, crashing throught the roof of a church in the capital city. Nowhere near their intended drop point.

The Kill-Team discovers that the city is in widespread revolt. Anarchists have chosen thhe emergency crisis of the tyranid arrival to stage a violent revolt against the appointed Imperial leadership. The Marines meet PDF Captain Ascote holding a perimeter in the city streets outside and surrounding the chapel with 600 PDF loyalists.

To be continued…


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