Brother Eli Ghant

Assault Marine of the Black Templar Chapter, currently seconded to the Deathwatch.


Brother Eli Ghant is a Battle-Brother of the Emperor’s most glorious Black Templar chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. With Bolter and chainsword he takes the fight to the enemies of the Emperor.


Born on a small world beyond the backwater of the Imperium, young Eli was a scrappy youth. At the Schola Progenium Eli often saw the prefect. It seemed he was not able to avoid trouble. He would spend his nights on the roof of the students barracks after lights out, gazing at the stars. He would dream of a life outside of the Schola. Then in the winter of his fourteenth year the Emperor’s Angels of Death arrived.

A Crusade Fleet of the Black Templar chapter arrived in the system looking to hold recruitment trials. The Schola prefect instructed the children that they would NOT attend the Trials. On the last night of the Trials, Eli Ghant’s bed was empty, and never again did he slumber there again. Fore that night he was on a vessel belonging to the Emperor’s Angels of Death, bound for the stars, and he never looked back.

Brother Eli Ghant

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